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16 year old Victor Crouin created a massive upset in the first day of the IG Open de Paris (PSA $25,000). The young Frenchman from Toulon clinched his best victory ever, beating Egyptian Karim El Hammamy (world junior champion in 2013) in 4 games and 57 minutes. He will face Englishman Tom Ford tomorrow for a spot in the main draw.
In the most awaited match of the night between two players from the home club, Christophe André looked like he was on his way out after losing the first two games but he dug deep, saving 3 match balls in the third and completely turning the match around against fellow countryman Johan Bouquet. André will have a tough test tomorrow against England's Richie Fallows, who dispatched local boy Rohan Mandil in straight games. Rohan’s brother Quint shared the same fate, losing to Jaymie Haycocks but in 3 hard fought games. The man from Warwickshire will meet another Frenchman tomorrow. Runner-up of the European Team Championships with France on Saturday, Geoffrey Demont only needed 25 minutes to beat Ben Coates.
For his debut in PSA, Frenchman Lucas Rousselet could have dreamed on an easier draw than Koweit’s Abdullah Al-Muzayen. The mercurial left-hander may have massively dropped the rankings but his movement and skills are still second to none and he left no chance to his young opponent. Al-Muzayen’s encounter with number 1 seed of the qualifying draw, India’s Mahesh Mangaonkar will certainly be the match of the day tomorrow!
Monday's results
Abdullah Al Muzayen (KUW) bt Lucas Rousselet (FRA): 3-0 (11-6 11-3 11-4 in 25 minutes)
Christophe André (FRA) bt Johan Bouquet (FRA): 3-2 (9-11 1-11 12-10 11-8 11-3 in 50 minutes)
Richie Fallows (ENG) bt Rohan Mandil (FRA): 3-0 (11-5 11-4 11-4 in 30 minutes)
Jaymie Haycocks (ENG) bt Quint Mandil (FRA): 3-0 (11-7 11-8 11-7 in 40 minutes)
Geoffrey Demont (FRA) bt Ben Coates (ENG): 3-0 (11-4 11-6 11-6 in 25 minutes)
Victor Crouin (FRA) bt Karim El Hammamy (EGY) 3-1 (11-9 11-7 7-11 11-9 in 57 minutes)
Tuesday’s matches
Mahesh Mangaonkar (IND) vs Abdullah Al Muzayen (KUW)
Christophe André (FRA) vs Richie Fallows (ENG)
Jaymie Haycocks (ENG) vs Geoffrey Demont (FRA)
Tom Ford (ENG) vs Victor Crouin (FRA)

It was not far from midnight when Mahesh Mangaonkar came out of court victorious against Abdullah Al-Muzayen, after a fascinating clash of styles: the power and attrition of the Indian versus the improvisation and changes of pace of the man from Kuwait. Mangaonkar finally won 12-10 in the fifth after 79 minutes, to face one of the seven Englishmen in the draw, Declan James (whom he lost to in 4 games a few weeks ago in Chicago). We had two other long matches earlier, with Richie Fallows downing Christophe André after 5 games played at a frantic pace, during which they each had their moments. He meets Scotsman Greg Lobban tomorrow. Understandably tired after the ETC, Frenchman Geoffrey Demont dug deep to defeat Jaymie Haycocks in 4 very close games. He drew seed number 2 Nicolas Mueller aka the Swiss Rocket. The opener was another England-France affair, and Tom Ford put an end to Victor Crouin's run. The young Frenchman did very well to sneak the third game but Ford controlled most of the proceedings. "Surely one to watch the future" said the Englishman after the match. He meets compatriot Adrian Waller in the first round tomorrow.
Tuesday’s results
Tom Ford (ENG) bt Victor Crouin (FRA): 3-1 (11-2 11-4 9-11 11-5 in 45 minutes)
Geoffrey Demont (FRA) bt Jaymie Haycocks (ENG): 3-1 (11-7 12-14 11-8 11-7 in 80 minutes)
Richie Fallows (ENG) bt Christophe André (FRA): 3-2 (4-11 11-8 6-11 11-5 11-5 in 60 minutes)
Mahesh Mangaonkar (IND) bt Abdullah Al Muzayen (KUW): 3-2 (6-11 11-9 11-3 10-12 12-10 in 79 minutes)
Wednesday’s matches, from 2:45pm
[2] Nicolas Müller (SUI) v [Q] Geoffrey Demont (FRA)
[6] Greg Lobban (SCO) v [Q] Richie Fallows (ENG)
[8] Declan James (ENG) v [Q] Mahesh Mangaonkar (IND)
[3] Adrian Waller (ENG) v [Q] Tom Ford (ENG)
[4] Alan Clyne (SCO) v Todd Harrity (USA)
[5] Paul Coll (NZL) v Charles Sharpes (ENG)
[7] Lucas Serme (FRA) v [WC] Baptiste Masotti (FRA)
[1] Chris Simpson (ENG) v Joe Lee (ENG)


The eight seeded players got through to the quarters in the first round of the IG Open de Paris on Wednesday but it was not a walk in the park for any of them. Especially for Chris Simpson, who had played 99 minutes against Borja Golan in PSL the night before: a Joe Lee in top form took him to another five setter, which the man from Guernsey finally won after 87 minutes of quality squash from both players. Simpson will meet Lucas Serme (who carries France's last hopes) for a rematch of the ETC finals. Nicolas Mueller was taken by surprise by Geoffrey Demont but eventually erased a two game deficit, and will face Scotsman Greg Lobban in the quarters. In the top half of the draw, it looked like last year's winner Paul Coll was on his way out but somehow the kiwi managed to claw his way back to defeat Charles Sharpes in 5 tense games. His encounter with Alan Clyne will be a rematch of their qualifying finals in El Gouna (Coll won in straight games but in almost an hour). We are guaranteed an Englishman in the semis: Adrian Waller saved two game balls at 1 game all against an inspired Tom Ford, and will face Declan James who did not panic and came back from a two game deficit against Indian Mahesh Mangaonkar. Another great day of squash at the Jeu de Paume and there is certainly more to come tomorrow: the eight players left in the draw are ranked between 22 and 39 in the PSA rankings …
Wednesday’s results

[2] Nicolas Müller (SUI) v [Q] Geoffrey Demont (FRA): 3-2 (9-11 7-11 11-6 11-1 11-6 in 55 minutes)

[6] Greg Lobban (SCO) v [Q] Richie Fallows (ENG): 3-1 (11-8 10-12 11-6 14-12 in 70 minutes)

[8] Declan James (ENG) bt [Q] Mahesh Mangaonkar (IND): 3-2 (9-11 7-11 11-8 11-8 11-3 in 80 minutes)

[3] Adrian Waller (ENG) bt [Q] Tom Ford (ENG): 3-1 (9-11 11-6 12-10 11-7 in 57 minutes)

[4] Alan Clyne (SCO) bt Todd Harrity (USA): 3-1 (11-9 11-9 9-11 11-6 in 51 minutes)

[5] Paul Coll (NZL) bt Charles Sharpes (ENG): 3-2 (6-11 11-6 6-11 12-10 11-5 in 85 minutes)

[7] Lucas Serme (FRA) bt [WC] Baptiste Masotti (FRA): 3-1 (5-11 11-8 11-2 5-0 retired, 60 minutes)

[1] Chris Simpson (ENG) bt Joe Lee (ENG); 3-2 (11-8 7-11 5-11 11-6 11-9 in 87 minutes)

Nicolas Müller

“I think the match could have been easier if I’d taken the first game. But credit to him, he played well and didn’t make many mistakes. I thought he'd be tired after playing 80 minutes yesterday but he backed up well. As far I am concerned, I went short too early at the beginning, and it took me a while to get used to the court as well. I am happy to get through, you can't take anyone for granted these days. It's my last tournament of the season and I want to do well because it’s been a while I haven’t been seeded 2. My next opponent? No preference between Richie and Greg, I just hope they stay on court as long as possible!"
Adrian Waller
“Happy to progress through, that’s the main thing. I feel like we both traded winners and errors. In the first game, I relinquished a good lead and let him take the initiative. Obviously, saving two game balls in the third was the key moment of the match. First match of a tournament is always difficult, I am sure I'll feel more relaxed in the next round. Playing Declan James tomorrow, another Englishman ... I won 3-2 last time in Chicago so it could be a long match.”
Alan Clyne
“I am pleased with the way I played. It was a nice, clean match, very high paced. I am glad I was able to step up and volley a bit more in some key moments. Todd and I have played a lot against each other recently, he actually beat me last time at the World Championships so happy to get my revenge. (about Scotland's third place at the European Team Championships last weekend). We're very happy with that obviously, we've wanted it for a long time. We've always had a great team spirit and it helped us to get this bronze medal.”
Paul Coll
“That wasn’t really enjoyable for me, too many decisions. I struggled to get into the match and I think I was lucky to get through. I tried to play solid in the key moments and it paid off. Hopefully I’ll be able to play better tomorrow. I beat Alan Clyne in El Gouna, 3-0 but it wasn’t easy at all. So yes I am sure he’ll be up for revenge.”
Chris Simpson
"Joe has had a bad season so far, but I knew he could play well and I was prepared for that. But maybe not to the standard he was at today, he played brilliantly. He was beating me in all departments, including accuracy which is usually one of my strengths. I’ve had a five setter against Golan last night in PSL, only arrived this afternoon in Paris so I was obviously a bit tired, but somehow I managed to win this one. So Lucas again tomorrow, but I expect the match to be very different to Saturday's in the ETC finals. Playing a team event is an other kind of pressure, and the court is very different as well.”
Joe Lee
“Obviously disappointed, but I feel like there were only one or two moments in the match I would have done differently. The fifth game was a flip of a coin. Maybe his experience made a 1 per cent difference. Definitely one of my best matches in a long time."
Thurdsay’s matches, from 6pm

[2] Nicolas Müller (SUI) v [6] Greg Lobban (SCO)

[3] Adrian Waller (ENG) v [8] Declan James (ENG)

[4] Alan Clyne (SCO) v [5] Paul Coll (NZL)

[1] Chris Simpson (ENG) v [7] Lucas Serme (FRA) 


Open de Paris IG 2016
Results from today’s quarter-finals :
Thursday's results - Quarters

[2] Nicolas Müller (SUI) bt [6] Greg Lobban (SCO): 3-1 (11-9 9-11 11-4 11-4 in 48 minutes)
[8] Declan James (ENG) bt [3] Adrian Waller (ENG): 3-1 (11-6 11-13 12-10 11-9 in 85 minutes)
[5] Paul Coll (NZL) bt [4] Alan Clyne (SCO): 3-2 (11-8 9-11 8-11 14-12 11-5 in 110 minutes)
[1] Chris Simpson (ENG) bt [7] Lucas Serme (FRA): 3-0 (11-8 11-8 12-10 in 50 minutes)
Friday’s schedule – Semi-finals, from 6pm

[2] Nicolas Müller (SUI) v [8] Declan James (ENG)
[5] Paul Coll (NZL) v [1] Chris Simpson (ENG)
Player quotes :
Nicolas Mueller
“It was definitely better than yesterday, partly because I got used to the conditions. Very happy with my match, especially after having lost to him in China a few months ago. My game plan was to make him run, I know he’s had a long season and some tough matches at the ETC last week. Even if I lost the second game, I think it paid off. I was so relaxed that I didn't get tired! It's a feeling that you rarely experience, in fact it has not happened to me for a long time.”
Declan James
“Obviously a massive win for me against Adrian, especially after he beat me in Chicago after 2-1 and 8-4 up. I was very disappointed after this match and I really wanted to make sure I learned from this experience. I was prepared to leave everything on court today. Even when I lost the second game after having had a few games balls, I was confident because I was playing well. After coming back from 2-0 down yesterday I feel like I have nothing to lose, and I think I can win the tournament. It’s my  second semis of a 25k after Wimbledon indeed, it’s been a good season so far. Never played Nikki, really looking forward to it."
Paul Coll
“Happy I managed to play better than yesterday, I backed up well (he played 85 minutes and 110 tonight). It was a physical match, with some very long rallies. I was more aggressive at the beginning of the fifth, I knew the player who would take the initiative was likely to get on top. It’s not usual game so maybe I took him by surprise. Now it’s time to recover before tomorrow’s match. It’d be nice to have a shot at getting my revenge against Chris (he lost 3-0 in El Gouna) but obviously Lucas would be a hard match too.”
Chris Simpson
“I actually don't like playing late ... I didn’t feel too bad this morning, I managed to get a good night of sleep. People assume you're going to be tired when you play two consecutive 90 minute matches, but that’s why I train for 6 days a week, and there is no reason why I won’t be able to be back it up tomorrow, and the same thing goes for Paul, I am sure he’ll be up for it. As far as tonight's match goes, I never had a big lead in the games but I think I made him do a lot of work, which is the reason why he had to go for some shots and made a few errors."


Open de Paris IG 2016
Results from today’s semi-finals :
Friday's results – Semi finals

[1] Chris Simpson (ENG) bt
[5] Paul Coll (NZL)

3-0 (11-7 11-9 11-9 in 62 minutes)

[8] Declan James (ENG) bt
[2] Nicolas Müller (SUI)

3-2 (11-7 8-11 11-7 3-11 13-11 in 65 minutes)
Saturday’s schedule – Finals, 7pm

[1] Chris Simpson (ENG)  v
[8] Declan James (ENG)
Chris Simpson
“I am finishing earlier today so no I won’t be going to Pizza Pino tonight (pizza place on the Champs Elysées which closes at 5am, he went there in the last two nights). I am very happy to win in 3 games, because I think this court suits Paul very well. Like against Lucas yesterday, it was very close in the third, and at 10-9 up I thought to myself "Paul saved match balls in his first 2 rounds, he can't do it again.” Silly thoughts go through my mind sometimes … Tomorrow is my last match of the season, so it's time for a last push as we say in squash. I just want to give everything I have on the court, whoever I get to play.”
Declan James
“I was actually surprised to get to 10-3 so quickly in the fifth game, I was wondering what was happening. Then I just stopped thinking, I went completely blank and before I knew it we were at 10-10! I guess it may be because my mind is not used to this kind of intensity. So after I saved this match ball at 11-10, I thought to myself, this is your second chance and you have to go back to what you were doing before and was working really well. Yes it's probably my biggest win ever, and it's my first finals in a 25,000$. Playing Chris tomorrow, which I am sharing a room with this week. It doesn’t happen too often to play a final against your roommate, but it won’t matter because we are good friends.”
 PS : Many thanks to "l'envoyé spécial"  Jérôme Elhaïk...

And also to the spectator volunteers who display their court cleaning skills during the intervals...
what would the players do without you !


Chris Simpson bt Declan James 3-0 (11-8 11-8 11-4 in 50 minutes).
Englishman Chris Simpson lived up to his seeding and ended his season on a high in the Jeu de Paume. The man from Guernsey was two points away from going back home in the first round against Joe Lee, but since then his accuracy and consistency proved too much for his opponents, including Declan James in the finals yesterday. "I lost to a better player, said James after the match. Chris doesn’t give you anything and I couldn’t hurt him. But I am still very happy with my week, it's been a mini-breakthrough for me. It gives me motivation to work even harder".  
After his win at the St George’s Hill Classic in October, Simpson collected his second PSA $25,000 title of the season. "Every match has been different this week. After a few rallyes I saw that Declan was a bit tired and not moving as well as usual, but that’s when he can be the most dangerous. My focus was to stay disciplined and to extend the rallies, even when I had opportunities, and it paid off. Winning two 25k was actually one of my main goals this season. I am very happy to win here in this unique club, also because the depth of the draw was quite phenomenal. I can’t wait to come back and take a picture next to the wall with my name on it.”


Du 9 au 14 mai...!


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La Société Sportive du Jeu de Paume et de Racquets organise sur ses courts historiques du 9 mai au 14 mai 2016 un tournoi PSA : « L’OPEN DE PARIS IG ».

Suite à l’accord signé entre la Fédération Française de Squash et la PSA (Professional Squash Association), les tournois organisés chaque saison en France sont labellisés « SQUASH TOUR ». Le 4ème OPEN DE PARIS IG a été lancé dans l’objectif d’améliorer le niveau et d’augmenter le nombre de tournois PSA World Tour organisés en France.

Grâce au soutien inestimable de notre partenaire principal IG, mais aussi au soutien de la FÉDÉRATION FRANÇAISE DE SQUASH, de la LIGUE ILE-DE-FRANCE DE SQUASH ainsi que les Sociétés LINXEA et LA MAISON NORDIQUE, le Jeu de Paume de Paris est en mesure de présenter cette 4ème édition du circuit « Professional Squash Association » avec une dotation de $ 25 000.

Pas moins de 28 joueurs du circuit « PSA » se sont inscrits dont 8 du contingent français et 20 joueurs étrangers venant de l’Afrique du Sud, Egypte, la Suisse, l’Ecosse, l’Angleterre, l’Allemagne, la Nouvelle-Zélande, les Etats-Unis, l’Inde, la Jordanie, le Koweït et la République Tchèque.

Le Jeu de Paume de Paris tient à remercier une nouvelle fois la société IG sous la direction de Gwenaël MOY.

L’organisation des tableaux et l’arbitrage seront sous la direction de Danny MANDIL.

L’entrée sera gratuite hormis pour la demi-finale (10€) et la finale (20€).

TABLEAU DES QUALIFICATIONS (Qualifying Draw de 16 joueurs)
Lundi 9 mai De 13h à 20h : 1er tour (8 matchs)
Mardi 10 mai De 18h à 21h : 2ème tour (4 matchs)
Les 4 joueurs qualifiés rejoindront le tableau final (« Main Draw »)

TABLEAU PRINCIPAL (Main Draw de 16 joueurs)
Mercredi 11 mai De 14h45 à 20h : 1e tour (8 matchs)
Jeudi 12 mai De 18h à 21h : Quarts de finale
Vendredi 13 mai A partir de 18h : Demi-finales
Samedi 14 mai 19h : FINALE

Un cocktail dînatoire offert par La Maison Nordique sera servi le Samedi à partir de 20h sur le prestigieux court de Jeu de Paume suite à la finale.

Le Jeu de Paume de Paris aura le plaisir de proposer aux joueurs licenciés FFSquash un TABLEAU REGIONAL MASCULIN homologué dès le Vendredi 13 avril pour coïncider avec les demi-finales du tableau « PSA ». Ce tableau est limité à 48 joueurs : 16 places seront réservées aux joueurs de l’association (Jeu de Paume de Paris) et les 32 places restantes seront attribuées aux meilleurs classés inscrits.

Le service communication de la FFSquash suivra en DIRECT la compétition, que vous pourrez suivre sur les supports officiels ( et ses comptes facebook et twitter).
Contact : Mail - Téléphone - 01 47 27 46 86

Information Tableau Régional Masculin :

Date limite d’inscription : Lundi 9 mai 2016 à 12h. Frais d’inscription : 25 € - Inscriptions par e-mail uniquement à :
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